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Sound of the Changeling
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The Birmingham News
  By Victoria Thomas
A City author is dreaming of becoming the - next JK Rowling after a copy of his novel became an internet sensation - and it hasn't even been published.

A proof copy of Kamal Lathar's children's fantasy The Changeling fetched a staggering 155 on popular auction site ebay.
The phenomenon, unprecedented for an unknown writer, means the 45-year-old is now expecting high sales when his book actually hits the shops.
If the novel, which is about a half boy, half badger, is a success, it will be a double celebration in the Lathar household as Kamal's sis ter Nina, aged 31, is the publisher.
Full-time lawyer, Nina, offered to set up a company - Tarragon Publishing - to Produce the book as this was the best way to protect its copyright.
In addition, it meant Kamal, pictured, who now lives in Oxfordshire but was bought up in Edgbaston, bypassed the agony of being rejected by existing publishers.
Nina's gamble looks to have paid off with the siblings still amazed by the book's ascent on the auction site.
  They stayed up until midnight on Saturday to see what the final bid would be.
"It was like staying up to watch man land on the moon," said Kamal, an IT consultant who studied astro-physics at university. "When it got past 70, I couldn't watch anymore."
The idea for the book came from a discussion with Kamal's 12- yeal'-old son about life.
"On a fundamental level it's about good and evil," said father- of-three Kamal, who was also inspired by Spiderman. "But on a deeper level it's about accepting people who are different."
The family have been bemused by its success but former Lordswood Girls pupil Nina thinks the book's gilt-edging and unusual cover could have sparked interest among book collectors.
"It looks like the kind of book I remember from my childhood," she said.
Ottakers have the exclusive rights to sell the book, which is expected to arrive from its print- ers in India, next Monday.
But with advance orders already exceeding the initial Print run of 500 hardback and 1,000 paper- back copies, the Lathars have high hopes for its future.
I just want children to read a great story," Kamal added.
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